Details about SIT...
School of Information Technology (SIT) is a Govt. Registered , NSIC and an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, established in the year 2002. Its ergonomically designed infrastructure and cohesive group of employees’ act together to provide high quality solutions to its clients. SIT practices the understated features to conform to the standards set by the ISO body on a regular basis, thereby maintaining the essential excellence in all its endeavors.

We maintain a hierarchical work force of management level for smooth execution of company activities. Management takes initiation in every aspect of HR management, Project management etc. Every record is maintained systematically and every process and job is revised for better performance. The organization maintains highest level of data and process security with the help of secured access to different user levels within the organization. Proper decorum is maintained within the hierarchical structure of the organization. Appropriate maintenance of hardware and software is also practiced for better leverage. The relevant and important documents and records are preserved accordingly for future reference, while eliminating the insignificant data. Proper reporting is done to the authorized position of the management hierarchy within the required time. The usability and reusability of prototype and data is maintained. The authenticity of the data provided to client, received from client and the data passed on through hierarchical levels are checked for highest level of accuracy. Full protection and security is provided to the products supplied to the clients and features can be added or altered according to the need of the client till he is satisfied. Proper training is given to the client for better understanding of the system. Training is also given to students for making them computer friendly. Annual internal auditing is conducted to see the compliance of our internal process and to maintain the standards of ISO.

Our development center uses a multi-dimensional approach, planned to support growth and technology advancement, ensures that the solution we architect for our clients are built in a most productive and effective manner.

It is an organization which has a cycle of activity through which it tends to educate a child, takes him/her through all the stages of training and slowly evolves him/her into a successful professional in the IT sector.