Services provided by SIT...

SIT ventured into the IT education sector with a definite vision in spreading the light of computer literacy amongst the school students. School computer education came into existence in the year 2002. Since, then it has been able to impart quality education in various schools of West Bengal. The syllabus of this course is designed according to the CLTP of west Bengal. This education is provided to the students from Vth to IXth standards. Apart from this curriculum, the students of Xth, XIth and XIIth standards are appropriately educated and prepared in the theoretical, as well as in the practical knowledge of computer education, in accordance to the syllabus laid down by the respective regulatory Board for the relative Board examinations. This guidance makes them highly proficient and competent to clear their respective Board examinations with high achievements.

We follow the West Bengal Govt CLPT syllabus with some additional topic covered in regular twice a week classes from Class V to IX through a proper theory and practical arrangement. The study material is also developed and provided by SIT according to class wise syllabus. Based on the syllabus we take minimum 2 to 3 times theory and practical examinations at school premises, yearly.

Normally the technical environment we provide involves the student: computer ratio of 50:1, i.e., if we consider total student strength is 1000 from class V to IX then we provide 20 computers at the initial stage, while the student: teacher ratio is maintained to the tune of 30:1, i.e., if total student strength is 60 students for a section then we divide the volume into two batches to give better attention during the theory and practical classes.

Software Development Division

SIT has ventured into software development and established the software division in 2003. Being associated with different schools for a long time it has got the scope to gather the knowledge of the manual process which they follow. Thereby, using our experience in the school domain we started of thinking to provide an easier, flexible and cost effective way to automate the educational institutions. Our urge to be the pioneer in software service providing sector has enabled us to build several other institutional applications using the latest technology, which are currently being used by different schools, colleges and universities. The range of products developed by us is as follows:-
  • SchoolWin (For Govt. Schools)
  • SchoolWeb (For Private Schools)
  • CollegeWin (For Govt. Colleges)
  • CollegeWeb (For Private Colleges)
  • UniWeb (For Universities)
  • HR & Payroll application
Need for industrial training
  • Uniform and well arranged flow of the software application.
  • Better management of any project in respect of domain and technology used.
  • Designing data structure and core level form designing according to the client requirement.
  • Enhancing application development skills.
  • Technology up gradation.
  • Auto data import and export facility development.
  • Understanding result oriented report generation in DOC, EXCEL & PDF variations.
  • Getting quick and easy output in different format like Graphical representation.
West Bengal Govt Youth Computer Training Center Project

We have started our Youth Computer Training center project in Kanchrapara since June 2007, known as “Kanchrapara Youth Computer Training Center”. We have successfully completed 6 sessions (6 months each session) with 1800 plus students. This project is controlled and certified by the Govt of West Bengal. This project is being initially coordinated by Barasat district youth office, followed by state youth officers’ to issue certificates or other formalities. For this project we have allocated around 1000 SqFt area and installed 30 no of computers. A team of 6 highly skilled computer educated faculty members provide training on the prescribed courses along with two center coordinator and one center manager. We are also providing parallel backup provision for electricity and computer usage.